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Staff Track Online MagazineVolunteer Track (Online Magazine)


A guide to Volunteering at Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust.

 Volunteers play an important role within the Trust and together with the staff team contribute to the care and well being of patients. The support that volunteers provide enables the Trust to enrich and extend the range of services that it offers to patients and visitors.

 This guide aims to provide information about the increasing range of opportunities available to prospective volunteers, who are seeking a worthwhile and rewarding role helping to support and develop local care services and enhance the quality of  the patients stay in hospital.

 What can volunteers do?

 These are just a few examples of the types of ways volunteers can help in the Hospital. We are constantly looking at new and different ways of involving volunteers in helping to improve the patients visit to the Hospital.

·        Visit patients on the Gynaecology and Maternity Wards to provide company and run any errands for    them.

·        Support staff in the Gynaecology Outpatient Departments at both Liverpool Women’s and Aintree sites.

·        Provide support to staff at Parent Education Classes.

·        Support patients and their families through our Family Support Team.

·        Work with parents and staff on the Neonatal Unit.

·        Helping to maintain and improve the gardens around the Hospital.


 What we ask of you.

·        At least 4 hours of your time each week. This allows the patients and staff to benefit from your time here.

·        You will be placed on a rota so we would like you to be here when you say you will.

·        That you turn up on time.


 Who can be a volunteer? 

The Hospital is keen to attract a wide selection of people from the community to become volunteers. Men as well as women can volunteer.

However you must be aged 18 or over.

How will you benefit from being a volunteer?

·        You will gain valuable experience of working in a hospital.

·        The opportunity to be involved in helping to provide a valuable service to the community.

·        A chance to meet people.

·        Keeping yourself active

·        The reward of doing something worthwhile

·        A chance to learn new skills.


We will


·        Pay your travelling expenses

·        Provide training to enable you to carry out your role

·        Provide you with full support and supervision

·         Provide written references if you are looking for work.


How to apply

If you would like to find out more about being a volunteer  why not attend one of the monthly recruitment sessions held at both the Liverpool Women’s and Aintree sites. For details of the next recruitment session contact:-

Mark Pilling

Voluntary Services Manager

Liverpool Womens Hospital

Crown St


L8 7SS

Tel:- 0151 702 4368

E-mail:- mark.pilling@lwh.nhs.uk