Specialist Antenatal Services

Fetal centre

This is a regional unit, which provides specialist care to women with high-risk pregnancies. Pre-natal diagnosis and counselling is offered for women whose baby:

The unit is run by a specialist team of midwives and obstetricians, offering a range of specialist screening as required.

Obstetric assesment unit

This unit offers fetal and maternal monitoring in a relaxed and informal setting. The unit is midwifery led with immediate access to obstetric care if required. The unit offers monitoring as outpatient day care allowing women the opportunity to be at home with their families rather than staying in hospital. Women are referred to the unit by their midwife or GP but in some cases by themselves. Women telephone the unit worried about fetal movements or for advice. They attend for fetal monitoring and are reassured or actions taken as required. The midwives monitor low and high risk pregnancies and undertake specialist screening as required.


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