Research and Development

Contact details

  • R&D Manager                                         Dr Lynne Webster               0151 702 4346

  • Clinical Research Facilitator               Catherine Birch                    0151 702 4241   

  • Please contact us if you need any advice on R&D issues. LWH staff can consult the R&D intranet available on your desktop for general information and guidance.

     Non-commercial research - Trust requirements

    Trust R&D Approval is gained via the R&D Committee.  Research studies should be submitted to the R&D Department with the following documents included

    A sponsor should be identified and the appropriate evidence supplied.  We accept the online R&D form or a Trust Record Form (sent when R&D contacted) can be completed for Research Governance purposes.  R&D will provide guidelines and an application form if an honorary contract is required.  The R&D Department will facilitate the signing of any research/financial agreements.

    The submission will undergo internal review and be considered by the R&D Committee, which meets on a monthly basis.  Provisional approval will be given by the R&D Committee.  Full approval and a Trust approval letter will be issued once the R&D Department receive confirmation of Research Ethics Committee approval. 

    Research can not start until the study has received a Trust Approval letter.

    Commercial research - Trust requirements

    Guidelines for commercial companies requiring Trust approval for clinical trials are available from the R&D department (Contact details above).  Please contact the R&D Manager as soon as possible in the planning of your CT to facilitate smooth transit to full Trust approval, including financial assessment and signing of the Clinical Trial Agreement.

    Ongoing research projects

    There are active research projects throughout the Trust. These range from small qualitative studies where in depth knowledge of patient’s feelings are gained to large randomised clinical trials recruiting hundreds of patients.  Below are an example of some of the research that is ongoing in the Trust.  If you want further details on any of the studies please contact the R&D department.

    The Release study funded by Wellbeing of Women has its own website here.

    Completed research projects

    Have you been involved in a research project and would like to know the results?  Here are summaries of some of our past research studies. 

    The Midwifery Department

    The Midwifery Research Unit was the first of it's kind in the country and conducts a wide variety of research in the obstetric field.  Details can be found here.

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