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There are many people who will be involved in caring for your baby during his / her stay on the Neonatal Unit.

Meet the people who will care for your baby

Consultant Neonatologists

Dr Shaw, Professor Cooke, Professor Weindling, Dr Yoxall and Dr Subhedar are the consultants who head the team of medical staff.

Senior Registrars Registrars and Senior House Officers work on the Neonatal Unit covering the Neonatal Unit 24 hours a day.

Medical Staff

The medical staff are experienced in caring and treating new-born babies. Research staff are present on the unit and they undertake projects on the unit. Your baby can only take part in research once your permission has been obtained. The research studies help us get a better understanding of babies and provide us vital information to help enhance our care.


The matrons within the directorate aim to provide women and their families with a quality - focused service through effective leadership and ensuring high standards of care.

Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (ANNP)

There are a team of nurse practitioners working within the unit. The nurse practitioners are experienced nurses who have undertaken further training in the care, examination and treatment of babies.

Nursing Staff

The nursing staff are experienced and are trained in the care of small and sick babies. There are qualified nurses working on the unit who are undertaking the specialised training course to care for the sick, small or premature new-born baby.

Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust Emergency Transport Team

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust accepts sick, new-born infants from other maternity units from around the Mersey region and surrounding districts. The babies are transferred to the unit because we have the facilities and the specially trained staff to care for small or sick new-born babies.


These babies are transferred in a special transport incubator, by ambulance, accompanied by a nurse and doctor

The Neonatal Emergency Transport Service based within the Neonatal Unit undertakes over 100 emergency transfers per year.

Neonatal Consultant Dr Ben Shaw leads the Emergency Transport Team.


A team of 20 experienced neonatal nurses forms the Emergency Transport Team.

Transferring babies

When a baby is well enough he/she may be transferred back to be cared for at the Neonatal Unit at the local hospital until the baby is ready to go home.

Neonatal Community Team

The Low Dependency Team has the responsibility for continuing neonatal care in the community by co-ordinating the work of the Neonatal Community Midwives.

Neonatal Education Team

The neonatal education team comprises of

The training team recognises and values the knowledge, skills and experiences that each new staff member brings with them to the neonatal unit.

Neonatal Social Worker

The support and help of a social worker is often required by many parents who have had a sick, newborn baby. The social worker can give practical help and advice on travelling costs, benefits, maternity leave and housing or you may simply just want to talk with someone.

The Social Worker visits the unit throughout the day and would be glad to listen and support you and your family.


There are several chaplains of different denominations who are available 24 hours a day and visit the unit on a regular basis. The Chaplains are available to listen to your worries and concern .   A service of blessing or baptism can be performed.

Other members of staff

There are other members of staff who work on or visit the unit.  Working within the unit you may see the ward clerk, pharmacists, laboratory staff, x.ray staff and domestic staff.

All staff wear a hospital identification badge and those staff authorised to care for babies have a yellow badge.

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