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Liverpool Women's Hospital
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  Crown Street
Liverpool, L8 7SS
Tel: 0151 708 9988
Fax: 0151 702 4028

Who Works in the Trust

Modern Matrons Maternity/Gynaecology/Neonatal
Midwives Maternity & Community/Neonatal/Clinical Genetics
Nurses Gynaecology/Theatres/Neonatal
Clinical Scientist Clinical/Cytogenetics/Molecular Genetics/Embryologists
Technical ODPs/Pharmacists/Seminologists/Estates/Cyto Molecular Genetics
Admin. & Clerical All areas
Allied Health Professionals Pharmacists/Physiotherapists/Radiographers/Ultrasonographers
Health Care Assistants Maternity/Gynaecology/Theatres/Neonatal
Senior Managers All areas
Medical Staff Obstetrics & Gynaecology/Anaesthetics/Neonatal

Specialist Registrars, excluding Research Specialist Registrars, are recruited by the North West Deanery to a rotational training scheme. Senior House Officers in Neonatal Paediatrics are appointed by the Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital and are also on rotation. All other posts are appointed by the Trust. These posts have the required educational and accreditation approval from the Postgraduate Dean.

Analysis by Staff Group Number of Staff
Nursing and Midwifery including Health Care Assistants 958
Clinical Scientists 30
Technicians 43
Allied Health Professionals 47
Administrative & Clerical 196
Senior Managers 39
Medical 134
Total 1,447