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  Crown Street
Liverpool, L8 7SS
Tel: 0151 708 9988
Fax: 0151 702 4028

Working for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

In order to support the neonatal nurse in her role as the babies' advocate the Neonatal Unit continually strives to improve care and professional expertise. The aim is to maintain enthusiasm, commitment, confidence and encourage personal and professional development of all the staff by providing a supportive environment where teaching, learning and research are encouraged and practised.

Neonatal Induction Programme

New staff members joining the neonatal whom are newly qualified or who have no previous neonatal experience will follow the Neonatal Induction Programme. The programme has been designed to develop and encourage staff to have the theoretical knowledge and clinical skill to deliver safe and effective care for the unique physical, emotional and social needs of the preterm neonate and the family.

The programme consists of :

  • A number of structured study days over a six-month period facilitated by a member of the training team.
  • Supervised clinical practice under the guidance of a preceptor and a member of the training team.
  • Supernumerary status for a minimum of six months.
  • Opportunities to visit other relevant areas and clinical settings in order to further develop knowledge
  • A system to identify and achieve learning needs using learning contracts.

New Staff with A Qualification or Previous Neonatal Experience
New staff with a qualification in the speciality or previous relevant neonatal experience will join their allocated team, will be offered a period of preceptorship and will practice in a supernumerary capacity for a period of time on commencement of employment. The duration of support is individual, is negotiated between the training team, the team leader and the new members of staff and is based on the previous clinical experience; qualifications and number of contracted hours.

New staff will have an opportunity to discuss their specific learning needs or goals with their team Leader, preceptor or member of the Training Team and formulate a plan of action using the Learning Contracts.
All new staff joining the unit will be issued with the current Induction programme, which will list the study days available, if you are interested in any study day you are encouraged to attend.

We encourage staff to qualify in the speciality and support students undertaking the English National Board 405 Special and Intensive Care of the Newborn. Other academic courses are considered, applied for and discussed on an individual basis. There is every opportunity to advance your clinical skills allowing you to become and Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner or a Neonatal Specialist Nurse if you wish.

All staff are encouraged to participate in the continuous education programme taking place on the Neonatal Unit.

Staff on the Neonatal Unit are also encouraged to participate in the Trust Training Programmes.

Induction Programme
The Induction Programme includes two intakes per year:

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Induction Programme contact:
Neonatal Education Team
0151 708 9988 ext. 1093 (Voicemail)

Open Days
There are two "open days" per year on the Neonatal Unit:

The Open days are an ideal opportunity for any one who may be interested in working on the Neonatal Unit or taking part in the Induction Programme. There are displays, exhibitions and members of the Education Team are available to answer any questions and give you a tour of the Unit.

For more information contact:
Neonatal Education Team
0151 708 9988 ext. 1093 (Voicemail)

Career Days
The Education Team visits a variety of exhibitions and workshops throughout the Northwest with their displays and information.

Merseyside Tec Exhibition
Liverpool Town Hall
Exchange Flags

John Moores University
Tithebarn Street

Edge Hill University College
St Helens Road

School Visits
The Education Team visits schools around Liverpool and the surrounding area to discuss neonatal nursing and the qualifications required for neonatal nursing as a career after leaving college.

If you are interested in the Induction Programme or you are a qualified nurse with experience or a neonatal qualification.

Please contact:

Education Team
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Liverpool Women's Hospital
Crown Street
L8 7SS

Tel: 0151 708 9988 ext.1093 (voicemail)

Informal visits by arrangement.